Monday, July 04, 2005

Edo de Mexico governor candidates: Ruben Mendoza

Ruben Mendoza, PAN & Convergencia, mayor of a Mexico City suburb. This guy is no lightweight, having earned a master's degree in political science from Cambridge. He has a solid record of municipal accomplishments. His slogal is "el cumplidor" ("the guy who gets things done"), but the people in the street called him "el feo" (sort of the opposite on the physical attractiveness index from "el guapo").

He raised several key issues, such as keeping drugs out of schools (thereby capitalizing on recent press coverage in Toluca and around the state). However, when I mentioned Mendoza, the people in the street talked about rumors that he is a drunk, and even shows up at campaign rallies intoxicated and exhibits an excessively belligerant tone. One of his worst moments caught on film is when he led a mob looting the PRI oppositionĀ“s cache of toys. On the eve of the election, he reported left the Toluca airport for a little R&R in Cancun.


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