Friday, January 05, 2007

another assassination

Yesterday, January 4, just before 8 PM, there was an apparent political assassination here in Acapulco. The newspapers are calling this an execution style hit, on Montealban street, in the downtown district of Fraccionamiento Hornos Insurgentes.

Jose Jorge Bajos Valverde was a local legislator. He was a PANista (uncommon for Acapulco), chairman of the finance commitee, and brother of state director of communication Cesar Bajos Valverde.

Jose Jorge Bajos Valderde was heading for an interview with a local radio station. He had parked his Toyota Rave and was preparing to exit when he was hit by a single rifle shot to the head, possibly at close range. A security guard at the radio station had heard the shot, and approached to investigate. At this time the assailants opened up with more shots from high powered rifles and automatic pistols before exiting on the busy Avenida Cuauhtemoc.

Here is a link to one local newspaper story.


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