Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Who will Convergencia Support?

In last year's Mexico State elections, the Convergencia party formed a nominal alliance with the PAN. That did not make much sense for a party which tries to pattern itself on the European socialist model. It certainly did not help Ruben Mendoza, PAN candidate for governor, but Convergencia is still weak throughout most of the country. One big exception is here in Acapulco, where the last two mayoral elections were fought between the PRD-PT alliance and the Convergencia. The PRI and the PAN were not on the radar screen. In both elections, the Convergencia was headed by Luis Walton, and lost in a close race. Between the two elections, Walton ran for Congress, and this year he is running for Senate. He has pretty much become synonymous with this party in GRO, and he shocked a few of his supporters by indicating that he might be supporting Lopez Obrador for the presidency.

From the perspective of both the party and its leader, this makes sense. The PT-PRD-Convergencia are all to the left of the PRI (which is all over, but mostly center-right), and the PAN. Walton needs to support a winner, and AMLO looks like that.


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