Friday, July 15, 2005

Murders that don't make international news

When a retired Acapulco politician is killed close to where the cliff divers perform, that makes the international news services, and you can read about it the next day in Cleveland or Tacoma. Most local murders don't get that kind of coverage because their victims were poor and the motives of the perpetrators were more base: domestic violence, robbery, gang rivalries.

There is a serial killer loose in Acapulco. He strangles prostitutes. Between the Costera and the
downtown market where tourists by souvenirs of leather, silver, and pottery, there are some
cheap hotels "de paso". Couples arrive without luggage. The rooms have no plumbing, but hopefully clean sheets, and are rented by the hour. At one of these, hotel Kika, the victim was a fourteen year old prostitute (or "sexo-servidora"as the new PC term would have it). Her name was Jazmin Gomez Lopez, but on the street she was "La Pelona" (Baldy). Several others have been attacked since, but she is the one who still sticks in my mind.


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