Thursday, July 07, 2005

EdoMex election: a change of latitude

Sometimes you change your point of view about something asyou get further away from it, in time or distance.

About 28 hours after the polls had closed in the governor's election I got on the bus from Toluca to Acapulco thinking it was a pretty honest election, one candidate was the clear winner, and at least things are stable in the big state. But my mind keeps coming back to the conviction that the two losing candidates were more qualified, and had better ideas.

Since my arrival in Acapulco at 4:30 AM Tuesday, I have been submersed in the local PRD culture. A cartoon in Wednesday's Diario17 showed it plainly. An electoral commission official sits and looks the other way while a handsome face sits atop a big money bag labeled "campaign spending." For Acapulquenos, the EdoMex election is the prime exampleof what is wrong with this country: the concentrated wealth and political power of the country's center.

There are three things that Acapulquenos cannot stomach:the PRI, Chilangos (people from Mexico City), and Toluquenos.Chilangos are held in the same regard here as New Yorkers are viewed in Vermont, or Californians in Oregon: loud, pseudo-sophisticates with too much money. It is different withToluquenos. They are perceived as humorless workaholics who want to bring order and punctuality where ever they go (and Acapulco only functions, if that is the word, in a chaotic and off-schedule mode).

Acapulquenos think that Chilangos and Toluquenos turn to money to solve any problem. So, what else could account for the defeat of Lopez Obrador's protegee, Yeidckol Polevnsky?The longer I'm here, the more I think like an Acapulqueno. Maybe what happened is that the EdoMex voters saw the disordered campaigns of Polevnsky and Mendoza and thought,"we can have none of this chaos" and so they stayed with the symbol of stability: Montiel's Atlacomulco dynasty.


Blogger Richard Grabman said...

Nicely done, brink... some minor quibbles from this pseudo-sophisticate chilengo, but keep up the good work... i'm a bit jealous, to tell you the truth.

4:16 PM  

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