Friday, June 30, 2006

Toluquenos calm, predict Calderon

I arrived in Toluca Friday morning to cloudy skies, and 45 degree weather. This city is the polar opposite of Acapulco, where I left last night with 77 degrees at midnight.

Last week when I would ask an Acapulqueno who would win Sunday´s election, the quick response was ¨AMLO, but they might try to steal the votes.¨

Today, I am asking the same question to Toluquenos. One taxi driver´s answer has been typical. He paused, trying to consider the possible scenarios (or maybe trying to size up my bias) and then slowly stated CAL DER ON.

When I ask why will Calderon win, the answers diverge, but most think that the minor party supporters are anti-AMLO and enough of them will switch to Calderon to make a difference. A few also cited last Sunday´s efforts by the Catholic Church.

Some Toluquenos will vote for Lopez Obrador, but there is not the wild enthusiasm of Acapulco, nor is there the paranoia about vote tampering. Similarly, I don´t see any real hatred of AMLO, more of a frustration and disgust that he is probably more of an old PRIista, a lot of phony promises designed to get power.

I think whoever wins, Toluquenos will calmly accept the results and get to work at 5 AM on Monday at the Chrysler plant, while Acapulquenos will react emotionally and use this as an excuse not to go to work for a few days, due to being overwhelmed by joyous ecstacy or righteous anger.


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