Thursday, July 06, 2006

return to normalcy, but wait, not yet

On Tuesday I went into DF to attend a conference at UNAM. The stall vendors in the markets were watching their portable TVs: soccer and soap operas. Was there an election last Sunday?
At the university I walked around the faculties of humanities, law, political science, and history. Students were reading their textbooks, flirting, and practicing some moves with soccer balls. I found this ANTI-AMLO bumper sticker in the parking lot of the students.

On Wednesday I was at a cibercafe across from another university UAEM in Toluca. The students flirted and downloaded Reggaeton videos. In the morning, women walked their uniformed children to their last week of school before vacation.

The Bolsa (Mexican stock market) is up to 20.329 on Tuesday, from 19.147 just before the election (a gain of 6.2% in two days). The Tuesday interbank rate for the peso/dollar exchange shows a stronger peso, 11.08 to the dollar, from 11.30 just before the election. The Wall Street Journal has dubbed this good news "the Calderon effect" based upon the likelihood of his victory and the improbability of any serious challenge to the results. But Wednesday, when the results became more confused, the stock market and peso fell again. Not quite normalcy, yet.


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