Monday, July 03, 2006

and the big loser is: Marcos

Even though the votes have not yet been completely counted, it is obvious that one politician is the big loser in Sunday's election: that masqued marvel of the media "Subcomandante Marcos." Throughout the campaign, he traveled around with his latest moniker "Delegado Zero" and rushed to every possible spark of violence (e.g., Atenco) as if it could reignite his own fame. He took every opportunity to insult the unmasked candidates. Just last week he called for road blocks to "dislocate" the elections. His calls went unheaded, and his predictions of widespread fraud seem equally false. At over 130,000 polling places in the Republic, Mexican voters announced that masqued theatricality belongs in the wrestling ring, not in a transparent government. Millions of Mexicans have raised their inked thumbs to chant: IFE SI, MARCOS NO.


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