Sunday, July 09, 2006

more weight for vote legitimacy

Over the last few days, the international press has weighed in on the Mexican election. From the U.S., Spain, England, and France, the election and its tabulation are seen as legitimate. World leaders from Bush (U.S.) to Martin (Canada) to Zapatero (Spain) have officially congratulated Calderon on his victory.

In today´s Rumbo de Mexico, the foremost of Mexico´s liberal intellectuals, Carlos Fuentes said ¨The presidential election was transparent¨and he urged his fellow citizens to accept the rule of constitutional law.


Blogger Charles said...

This is one of the most incandescently dishonest posts I have seen on the election.

1. Bush and the president of Spain basically uncongratulated Calderon in recognition of the fact that the electoral process is not over. That Mexico, less PAN loyalists, regard the election as still in process became widely known some time ago, when one of the judges on the electoral court delivered a stinging rebuke to Ugalde, reminding people that the court-- not Ugalde-- decides when the election is over.

At the very least, a prompt revision to your post would have been in order. Even better would have been an acknowledgement of the fundamental failure to understand the process and an apology to your readers, if any.

2. The Financial Times and The New York Times-- which some would include in "the international press"-- have urged Mexico to fully resolve the electoral disputes by doing a full and transparent count of the vote. There is a fairly obvious reason for this. Mexico has had a lot of violence lately, not directly related to the election but very much related to the people in power imposing their will on the less powerful. So if the people who voted for Lopez Obrador feel they are being trampled, Mexico could have some very rough times ahead. It is just good sense to have a nice, leisurely review of the ballots.

3. Carlos Fuentes may have said he thought the election was fair. His statement was hardly a ringing endorsement. He said that people should cool their jets and put making sure that the election was fair be placed ahead of other considerations.

4. I provided a precis of your resume to the Machete blog for their amusement. It was on that blog where I read your slap that people who doubt the fairness of the election are engaging in "conspiracy theories."

Let's just say that I'm a lot less impressed with your accomplishments than you seem to be. I am especially unimpressed that you did a hit and run on a topic you evidently don't understand on someone else's blog, and demeaned them in the process.

Finally, I infer from your book on interpreting dreams that you consider yourself a Christian.

As a Christian, I consider you an embarrassment.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous Salvador Remas said...

I have to concur. You 'wish' that this was all over with and your right-wing candidate annointed the new king of Mexico by Bush and the other corrupt governments (ie, lackies for US power and European hegemony).

You are being totally dishonest in your analysis. How can you look yourself in the mirror and consider that you are an adherent of Christ's gospel?

Carlos Fuentes, as Charles states, did not endorse Calderon's claims to the presidency. More, his opinion has become pretty rightwing as he has attained riches and the pats on the back by the corrupted Mexican elites.

Your grasping at straws--anything so that the votes are not fully scrutinized.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears Mexican communists are very upset at their recent defeat in elections that are very transparent in modern history. It is clear to me that Mexican communists are power hungry and will go any extent to quinch their thirst for power. Demonstrations and blocades are tools commonly used to exploit poor, blackmail communities and societies at large.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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