Friday, July 28, 2006

sitting tight until Sept 6

The election will become official in September when (if) the Tribunal certifies it. In the meantime, I am amazed by a couple of phenomena.

1. AMLO is fomenting demonstrations. He will have his day in court, so why does he need to have these demonstrations? Could it be that he is trying to build momentum for the court's rejection of his case?

2. I am amazed at how the mainstream foreign press is basically ignoring the situation in Mexico, but the leftist media has seized upon it. The two comments to my last blog entry echo much of that English-language rhetoric. Interesting, the commentors have cast this in a religious light (which I have not emphasized in my previous postings).

Here is the view of one of the most politically aware religious sites in Mexico, Yo Influyo.

I must concur with that analysis, and trust that the tribunal will vindicate IFE.


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