Tuesday, August 01, 2006

look who is supporting AMLO

It is always interesting which U.S. political movements choose to ally themselves with Mexican political movements. They use the same buzzwords and rely upon the same rhetoric. Perpetual U.S. presidential candidate, Lyndon LaRouche, runs a movement that has been known under various names. His youth organization joined a southern California rally for Lopez Obrador. We see similar themes of a global conspiracy of international bankers.

"LYM member Freddy Coronel spoke first, and explained how the same forces behind the fraud in Mexicos presidential election today, are the same as those behind the Democratic Party abandoning the Franklin Roosevelt tradition for the filthy international bankers Felix Rohatyns drive toward global fascism. LaRouche's West Coast spokesman Harley Schlanger delivered the keynote address to those in attendance challenging both those present to join LaRouche in defending the sovereignty of the Mexican nation state from the grip of globalization ..."



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