Thursday, August 10, 2006

more PRDistas challenge AMLO

Last weekend I was at the airport sending my goddaughter back home after spending a delightful summer. I met a woman who worked at UAEM and we began a conversation about the university. Some how, the conversation came around to AMLO's post election antics. She and many of her friends had been PRD supporters, but they have had it with Lopez Obrador. This is not just because he seems ungrateful for all the hard work his supporters (especially the volunteer poll watchers) did in the campaign, but because his disruptive tactics are going to hurt workers, small business people, students, and those who rely upon access to public services.

Back in Guerrero, one of my favorite PRDistas is governor Zeferino Torreblanca, former businessman and mayor of Acapulco. Always known for honesty, forthrightness, and independence, Zeferino urged a PRD rally to respect the processes of the law, and not to deny anyone his rights or liberties. The crowd broke into their non-logic chanting

“¡Voto por voto, casilla por casilla!”, “¡Fox, traidor, la patria no se vende!”, “¡Si no hay solución, habrá revolución!”, “¡Zeferino, voto por voto, casilla por casilla!”

A viable Mexican democracy requires at least two viable parties. The PRI is no longer viable (even if it never was committed to democracy). The PAN needs an opposition, but a loyal opposition that puts the nation above the interests of one sore loser. Fortunately, there are enough good women and men in the PRD to fill that role, but they too must come forward and call for adherence to the rule of law, obedience to the courts, and rejection of street solutions.


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