Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the right call

Part of me wanted the tribunal to call for a new election. I figured THAT would give the Mexican public a chance to show AMLO what they really thought about him and his post election antics, and it would finally shut him up.

However, when I reflected about the unanimous decision to validate the July 2 results showing a narrow victory for Calderon, I was certain that the tribunal had made the right judgment.

Good legal decisions are not just based upon the Constitution and precedent. Good decisions form a foundation for future rulings. If the tribunal had overturned the July 2 election and called for another, that could be seen as rewarding AMLO for his disruptions. It would only encourage the next sore loser to be more disruptive in hopes of getting a do-over election in which he might do better than AMLO.

So, the long term wisdom of the tribunal must be acknowledged.


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